Fundamentals of Funds

Fundamentals of Funds teaches ages 6-9-year-old students the necessary concepts of finances.  Students learn the foundation of the economic system through games, real life scenarios and prizes. The students are introduced to the money system in a fun and playful way, which helps with memorization.  This leads to a greater success in their economic future. 

Money Management

Money Management focuses on ages 10-14-year-old students.  This program introduces bank institutions as well as Credit Scores to the students. Students learn the Dos and Don’ts of the economic system.  The program allows the students to budget and set money goals all while having fun. This will encourage a healthy economic future. 

Financial Independence

Financial Independence sets the ages 15-18- year-old students up for financial success. This program allows the students to go through our own version of the game called “Life”.  Students will experience a career choice, a salary, and real “life hits” that makes the world go around.  This will prepare for proper actions and decisions when they come against the economic world.

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