Fundamentals of Funds

What It Is:

Week 1 (Day 1): Explaining Money

   Money: Difference in Amounts

-Types of Money

-Correct Change


Week 1 (Day 2): How to Earn Money


-Assign Jobs with Salaries

-Where does Money come from?


Week 2 (Day 3): Spending Wisely


-Wants vs Needs

- Taxes, Taxes, Taxes


Week 3 (Day 4): Saving vs. Spending


- Keep a little for a rainy day  

                        - Save your change


Week 4 (Day 5): Keeping Up with Your Cash


- Receipts

                       -  What do you have left


Week 5 (Day 6): Things you want to buy


- Make a wish list

                       - How long to save up for these items


Week 6 (Day 7): Know the Worth


  - Price vs Value

Week 7 (Day 8): Let’s Go Shopping

- Spending what you’ve earned


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